Open Double Cloth Bias Sisal (ODCBS) buffs are the most flexible of our three Airway sisal buffs. The buffs are constructed with one ply of woven sisal with a ply of cloth sewn on each side. The normal construction has 4 ply of woven sisal and 8 ply of cloth, with 1/4" or 1/2" concentric sewing.

These buffs do not leave the deep sisal scratches that are created by bias sisal buffs. The quilting of the cloth and sisal provides flexibility in the buffing of contoured parts, and enables the buffs to effectively hold compound.

The ODCBS buffs are used for fast cutting and can produce a high luster finish on automotive and motorcycle parts as well as steel tubing and cookware. The buffs adapt well to flat and irregular surfaces.

Open Double Cloth Bias Sisal buffs are available in diameters from 10" to 24". All Sisal Airways can be made on a 3”, 5”, 7”, and 9” center ring diameter and centerplates are available to adjust the arbor hole.

All of our Sisal Airway buffs can be dip treated with one of JacksonLea's special treatments to alter flexibility and cutting capabilities.