Contact Wheels are commonly used with a back stand, idler pulley and polishing belt. Polishing is typically used to remove stock, or imperfections in metal to refine the metal for further smoothing operations such as buffing.

Our Non-Fray Contact Wheel Characteristics include the following:
• Balanced wheels reduce chatter and other cosmetic defects
• Vibration free contact wheels reduce hand operator fatigue
• Quality fabric makes the Non-Fray contact wheels easy to maintain
h when wheel balancing is required
• Wheel hardness accuracy

Many sizes and face widths are available.

Various densities are available:
• #90 Hard (Flat and Cylindrical Shapes)
• #80 Medium Hard (Contours, Bevels, Flat, and Cylindrical Shapes)
• #70 Medium (Contours and Bevels)
• #60 Soft (Convex and Concave)
• #50 Very Soft (Convex and Concave)