The original Bias Cloth Airway Buffs have been the industry standard for over 70 years. These buffs are effective finishing tools for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, marble, plastics, and other materials. Cloth Airways are used in all facets of the finishing operation.

Our buffs are available up to 26" in diameter.

The standard number of ply for Bias Cloth Airway Buffs is 16; however, the number of ply and the density (pack) of the buffs can be modified. The pack/pleat provides a balanced face for uniform cutting over the entire surface.

The finishing application and cloth material in the buffs affect the number of ply and density (pack) that can be placed in Bias Airway Buffs. Any combination of our cloth materials can be formed into Bias Airway Buffs.

Standard Cloth Airway buffs are available in White Untreated (Soft) Cloth for coloring, White Mill Treated (Medium) Cloth for cut and color, and Yellow and Green Mill Treated (Hard) Cloth for cut.

For more information on JacksonLea’s Treatments see our Buff & Treatment Guide.

Bias Cloth Airways can be made with a center ring diameter of 3”, 5”, 7”, and 9”. Centerplates are also available to adjust the arbor hole.

All Bias Cloth Airway Buffs can be dip treated with one of our specialty treatments to alter the buffs’ flexibility and cutting capabilities.