Our specialty designed pleated buffs make outstanding tools for many finishing operations, including the door hardware, cookware, and plumbing fixture industries.

Our pleated buff variations are countless and their versatility is the reason they are one of the most widely used JacksonLea buff products. Almost every day a new application is developed with a pleated buff addressing a special finishing need.

We offer two types of pleated buff constructions:

SEW PLEAT buffs have a soft buff face with excellent flexibility. These buffs are ideal for mush buffing highly complex and contoured parts.

PLEAT buffs have a hard/firm face with some flexibility. These buffs are effective tools for contact buffing and provide excellent cut, often replacing sisal buffs.

All of the pleated buffs have excellent compound retention ability and maintain consistent buff density throughout the buffs’ life.

Standard pleated buffs are available in sizes up to 26" diameter.

Our ability to modify several features of a pleated buff enables JacksonLea to create buffs for almost any conceivable application. The key features of pleated buffs that can be modified include: (1) pleat size; (2) number of ply; (3) density (pack); (4) special sewing (such as Spiral or Concentric); (5) cloth material; and (6) specialty treatment.


Pleated buffs can be made with a center ring diameter of 3”, 5”, 7”, and 9”. Centerplates are available to adjust the arbor hole.