Our Sandshaper Wheels achieve aggressive polishing while conforming to the shape of the part. The wheels combine a fast cutting ability of coated abrasives with the flexibility of a buffing wheel.

The Sandshapers differ from flap type wheels because the abrasive is free to move in all directions. The Sandshapers work very well on automatic polishing, sanding and buffing machinery.

The Sandshapers’ unique patented construction allows high rates of cut in such operations as preparing automotive die castings, polishing plumbing goods, deburring machined parts and wooden handles. Decorative finishes produced by these wheels are excellent.

Sandshaper unique characteristics include the following:
• Flexes into recessed and contoured areas
Removes metal
Produces unique scratch patterns
Produces antique finishes
Smoothes metal for progression finishing

The Sandshapers are available up to 22” diameter, with 2 or 4 ply. Various grits and scoring are available.